Monthly Archives: January 2021


Dear patient

The covid vaccine programme is only eligible for patients who are registred with a GP surgery on the NHS and not as a private patient. Private patients at our surgery are not registered on the national spine which is a requirment in order to be picked up on the national database for recalls such as smears, mammograms, bowel screening and now the Covid programme. As you are registered with the surgery in a private capacity only, your details are not on the spine via our surgery.

Therefore you have to find an NHS GP surgery local to you and register with them for the purpose of being picked up on the spine and being given the Covid vaccine.

You can still remain with us as a private patient but you cannot be both private and NHS with us. Therefore if you wish to get the covid vaccine, we would recommend you to register with a local GP NHS surgery and be picked up in the invites for national programmes.

If you live in our local area and wish to register on the NHS, you would need to inform us of this and have to give up your private scheme with this surgery.

We are not planning to offer the vaccine on site at the surgery and this is only being done at the local Ealing hub centres, so please do not rely on provision of the vaccine at the surgery.

Thank you