If you are still waiting to get your first covid vaccine, the hubs will not be doing these for much longer. Ealing Town Hall has stopped them and Dominion Centre only have a few left. You can call 119 to book one if you are eligible and they will book you in one of the centres. Or you can click on the government website link below and if you are eligible, you can book this. If you are not yet eligible you will be rejected on the website and will have to wait until it is your turn to be vaccinated in line with the government guidance. If you have received a letter from the government you can call 119 or follow the link below.  People who are employed by someone who require you to have a vaccine need to speak to their employers to be provided the vaccine. We do not offer this at the surgery.

If this changes at all and another centre in Ealing becomes available for patients to have their first vaccine, we will notify the relevant patients.



If you are waiting to get your second vaccine please note that we will be starting to invite patients this week based on the date of when you had your first vaccine. We will be starting with patients who had their first vaccine in December and start to invite them. The invites for the second vaccine will be staggered on a weekly basis and you will definitely be invited at some point between now and mid April. Those who had their first vaccine in January should be invited in March and those who had it in Februrary should be invited by April. It has to be done systematically in line with the guidance we have been provided by our CCG.

Please be patient as we work through each group on a weekly basis between now and April. Invites will be sent by text to your mobile phone where you can book it yourself and you will be given the same vaccine as the first one. The choice of location will be Ealing Town Hall and Dominion Centre for the second vaccine too. Please take whatever choice you can.

For all other cohorts who have not yet been invited or are not due, you will have to wait until the guidance is updated on from the government and once your cohort is open, you will be alllowed to book. We are following the government guidance based on the above link moving forward. Currently the below is the eligibility on the government website:

Who can use this service

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You also need to be registered with a GP surgery in England to use this service. You can register with a GP if you do not have one.