Private Services List & Fees


Medicals / Reports / Forms 

Flying, Accident and Sickness, Shotgun, Insurance,

HGV / DVLA and Fitness to attend – school university, sports

Elderly / Diabetic driver, Seat belt exception, Racing driver)               £100.00


Full medical and written report / form (with examination)                   £170.00

Medical Report / Form without examination                                               £120.00

Additional information to add to a report                                                    £20.00

Provident association claim forms, BUPA, School fees insurance

claim form, Sickness and accident benefits claims form, Visa forms £50.00


Adoption Forms 

Initial Health Assessment                                                                        £60.00

Full medical of child                                                                                 £100.00

Health Assessment – Prospective carer                                           £80.00

Update report on Parent / Carer                                                          £30.00


Certificates and Letters.

To whom it may concern letter                                                                £30.00

Private sick notes or Fit to Travel                                                           £30.00

Statement of fact without examination                                              £30.00

Statement of fact with examination                                                     £40.00

Statement of character (e.g. gun license)                                          £40.00

Fitness, Holiday cancellation, fit for school forms or letters     £40.00

Copies of Medical Records

Lloyd George or computerized                                                               £50.00

Photocopy of any reports                                                                            £1.00


Private Consultations                                              

 10 minute consult                                                                                     £80.00


Ofsted Health Declaration Form                                                          £80.00




Private prescription                                                                              £15.00


Meningitis ACWY                                                                                     £40.00

Yellow Fever                                                                                             £60.00

Yellow Fever replacement certificate                                            £20.00


Hepatitis B (3 per course, price is per dose)                               £40.00


Japanese Encephalitis (3 per course, price is per dose)        £40.00


Rabies ( 3 per course, price is per dose)                                         £40.00


HPV (privately for 3 courses)                                                                £450.00


Chicken Pox (3 courses, price is per dose)                                       £50.00



VACCINE RECORD CARD                                                                    £10.00