Slimming World

The Slimming World programme offers 12 weekly face-to-face 1-1.5 hour group sessions. There is also a digital programme offered for those that do not wish to join the group sessions.

The multi-component programme focuses on embedding long-lasting behavioural change, supporting members on an individual basis, and is offered at different venues across the borough.

Nutrition: The nutrition element encourages an overall healthy, nutritionally balanced, diet in line with current healthy eating guidelines, demonstrating how these principles can be applied to all types of diets. It facilitates changes in shopping, cooking, and eating, moving people away from high fat, processed foods towards using fresh ingredients. Members learn to make healthier choices, satisfying their appetite whilst naturally limiting calories.

Should the member have any specific medical problems, the programme arranges for one of the Dietitians or Nutritionists to talk to them and help to personalise their Food Optimising to fit in with the medical advice they’ve been given

Physical Activity: No activity is delivered as part of the sessions although users are encouraged to be active outside of the session, as part  of a gradual build up to 150 minutes of exercise each week, the programme aims to raise people’s awareness about the benefits of moderate activity, help them explore misconceptions and misapprehensions, and show them how easy and accessible it can be to build moderate activity into their life. An award system also exists to acknowledge members achievements as they increase physical activity levels.

To access this please see the poster below which has a QR code that you can use to self refer

slimming world