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Please take a moment to review the new pharmacy access initiative for patients seeking treatment for seven specific conditions. Antibiotics can now be prescribed without the need to see a GP. Appointments for these conditions will not be available at our clinic, as they can be effectively managed by pharmacists. We recommend Alisha Pharmacy as our primary referral option, where antibiotics can be issued if necessary. However, other local pharmacies are also equipped to treat these conditions, and there will be no charges for the service. Patients can self-refer by visiting the pharmacy directly, eliminating the need to wait for a call to the surgery, as we will advise patients to go directly to the pharmacy for treatment.

Please check the age brackets in the poster below to ensure the service user is in the correct age bracket and sex (UTI is only for women).

If you are outside the relevant age bracket to whom the below applies, you can call the surgery to book and appointment.